Hospitality Technology Services

Welcome to our comprehensive suite of services, designed to optimize your hospitality business and enhance guest experiences. Explore our offerings, including expert consultancy, training, extended support, and tailored solutions for Opera Cloud PMS, Simphony POS, and OHIP integrations. Click “Learn More” in each section to dive deeper into how we can elevate your operations and drive success. Discover the perfect blend of people and technology, and unlock your hotel’s full potential today.

Technology Consulting

Mastel Hospitality Consultancy Services offer expert guidance to optimize hotel operations, boost revenue, and enhance guest experiences. Our tailored approach includes system implementation, staff training, customized solutions, and ongoing support, ensuring your hospitality business thrives in a competitive landscape.

PMS & POS Implementation

We provide comprehensive services to install, configure, and train on Opera Cloud PMS and Simphony POS. Our experienced team ensures seamless integration, empowering your staff with knowledge and confidence to utilize these systems effectively, optimizing operations and enhancing guest satisfaction.

PMS & POS Training Services

Experience in-depth training services for hotel staff on PMS and POS systems. With a hands-on approach tailored to your needs, your team will be equipped with essential skills and knowledge, empowering them to manage hotel operations efficiently and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Procedure Developments

Discover a service dedicated to helping hospitality businesses develop procedures and processes that enhance operations and bridge the gap between people and technology. By refining workflows and leveraging cutting-edge solutions, elevate your team’s efficiency and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform

Emphasizing development of solutions with OHIP (Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform) and supporting integrations, this approach ensures seamless connectivity between systems, streamlining operations, and enhancing guest experiences, ultimately driving growth and success for your hospitality business.

Oracle Hospitality Extended Support

Benefit from dedicated extended support for Opera Cloud PMS and Simphony POS. Skilled professionals provide prompt assistance, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring seamless system operation, maximizing efficiency, and promoting exceptional guest experiences in your hospitality business.