Opera Cloud

The next generation Property Management System

The next generation of Property Management Systems is here, Opera Cloud PMS is a mobile-enabled PMS system based on the leading Opera on-premise hotel solution. Opera Cloud makes Software easy and more secure allowing you to focus on your core business instead of software management.

The advantages of Opera Cloud

  • Opera Cloud is a true mobile solution that is accessible via browser and mobile devices with no additional costs. This makes your staff mobile, untethering them from the front desk and back office.
  • Opera Cloud does NOT need costly on-premise servers relieving you from hardware and software infrastructure support costs and services, As a device agnostic solution you can use Opera Cloud on any PC or Mobile device with no restrictions.
  • Hosted in the Oracle cloud providing the cutting edge of security and technology for your data, trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.
  • Integrated with the worlds leading Food & Beverage POS system, Opera Cloud features a 32 touch point interface with POS.

A complete Hotel Management Solution enhancing your Guest Experience

Opera Property Management System has a proven track record as the leading Management Solution of the Hotel Industry. By combining Functionality with mobility, security and integration Oracle offers a robust platform for your future in Hospitality.

Opera Cloud is leading Innovation to deliver excellent guest experiences by integrating new technologies fast and easily, Opera Cloud gives you the tools to stay ahead in a market with ever changing demands.

A Complete PMS Solution

OPERA Cloud is a web-based hotel Property Management System (PMS) that is designed specifically for hotel operations. This cloud-based hotel software is equipped with essential features to cater to hotels of different sizes and complexities. It is mobile-enabled, allowing your staff to serve guests anywhere on the property and provide real-time updates, reducing check-in and check-out times and improving operational efficiencies. OPERA Cloud seamlessly integrates with Oracle’s leading point-of-sale and kitchen management solutions to enhance food and beverage operations, optimizing guest satisfaction and profitability.

Dashboard to your needs

  • Gain Quick Access to Key Information Get quick access to important operational data in a customizable dashboard that caters to your specific requirements. Enjoy a real-time snapshot of everything you need to perform your job effectively.

  • Customizable Tiles and Settings Over 30 preconfigured tiles have been included in the dashboard, focusing on the front desk, revenue, inventory, and housekeeping. Customize the dashboard with links, images, and hotel graphics, with the ability to control tiles at a chain, property, or user level for maximum flexibility.

  • Interactive Dashboard for Deeper Insights Some tiles within the dashboard offer the ability to interact and drill down to view more in-depth information and perform operational tasks such as check-in or check-out without navigating away from the dashboard. Enjoy a dynamic and interactive user experience that provides deeper insights into your operations.

Guest Profile

  • Comprehensive guest overview Gain valuable insights into your guests’ communication preferences, spending patterns, and marketing data, enabling you to enhance guest loyalty and deliver personalized service.

  • Efficient management of companies and travel agents Keep track of your company and agent business with detailed statistics and connect to contracted rates. Add contacts to provide tailored service and establish lasting relationships for increased business opportunities.

  • Centralized guest profiles across properties With centralized profiles, you can have a comprehensive view of each guest, tracking their stays and preferences at all properties. This helps create personalized experiences and enhance guest satisfaction.

Revamp your bookings

Revamp your bookings

Experience an intuitive availability screen that offers rates that match your guests’ needs. Identify the best rate, package, and room-type combinations that will maximize your revenue and turn your guests into bookers.

Maximize revenue potential

Boost your profits by adding upgrades and extra products to your guest’s reservations with ease. Compare different pricing options to capture revenue while still offering the guest a stay that meets their expectations.

Compete on rates

Provide guests with alternative dates or properties in one convenient location, giving them the best price possible. Monitor any missed opportunities to optimize your future revenue.


Business Data for advanced insight

Access Key Data with Ease

With a hospitality-focused solution, you can easily access high-level metrics and transactional data to make informed decisions. You have the option to generate property-specific or groupwide reports to get a complete overview of your operations.

Simplified Data Analysis

No need to crunch numbers or sort through spreadsheets. Our solution offers various graphical formats that allow you to visualize key metrics and figures without the hassle of complicated lookups. You can create graphical dashboards that display your KPIs at a glance.

Customizable Reporting

Our solution allows you to create customized and individualized reports by taking data from any business area. You have the flexibility to slice and dice your data to generate reports that drive results.

Drive Loyalty

Build stronger relationships

Get to know your customers better by developing stronger relationships with them through a loyalty program. Anticipate their needs and preferences while giving them points to spend for a memorable stay.

Create flexible membership programs

Build a membership program as simple or detailed as your business needs, with the option for tiers, points based on stays and/or spending, promotional rates, and rewards.

Incentivize direct bookings

Offer a higher level of points for direct bookings with configurable point calculation rules that target specific booking channels, rates, and date ranges.

Let members spend points on rewards

Offer the ability for members to spend their accrued points by paying for rooms or hotel bills, room upgrades, packages, or experiences.

  • OPERA Cloud is designed to accommodate hotels of any size, ranging from luxurious resorts to limited-service properties. It offers customized functionality to meet specific requirements, allowing users to pay only for the features they need.
  • Streamline your hospitality operations with one platform Simplify your hospitality operations with OPERA Cloud - a versatile platform that offers various capabilities to meet the needs of hotels of all sizes. Whether you're managing meetings and events with OPERA Cloud Sales and Event Management or optimizing F&B operations with Oracle MICROS Simphony POS, OPERA Cloud provides a centralized solution to enhance revenue opportunities and streamline your hospitality business.
  • With OPERA Cloud PMS, you can ensure compliance with legal and fiscal regulations in more than 200 countries and territories, with support for multiple languages and currencies. As an industry-leading cloud platform, you can rest assured that your hotel operations are always in compliance with global standards.
  • The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform, integrated with OPERA Cloud Suite, enables fast and effortless integrations with solutions from Oracle's partners, thus promoting innovation.
  • Synergy of OPERA and Simphony The combination of OPERA Cloud and Oracle MICROS Simphony POS creates a seamless connection between hotel and F&B operations, resulting in enhanced service and increased revenue opportunities.
  • Our commitment to security is paramount. We take pride in the rigorous processes we have in place for provisioning, operating, certifying, and maintaining the cloud infrastructure of Oracle Cloud. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with us.

Professional Services by Mastel Hospitality

Mastel Hospitality has a professional team of certified Opera Cloud PMS installers & trainers that are ready to support you with your implementation, configuration and training needs.

We are an international team of consultants that are from the hospitality industry that understands the hotel business and Opera Cloud PMS. All requests are handled swiftly and professionally.

  • We are an Oracle Hospitality certified professional team with experience in the Hospitality Industry.
  • Fast Response Times, no long waiting for quotations.
  • We sell licenses & services for Opera PMS, a one-stop-shop for your Opera requirements.
  • More than Support. We offer more than implementations, our team is your partner for success. Our services include: Consultancy, Procedure Development, Trouble Shooting, Bug Reporting, Feature testing and much more.