Trusted Solutions

In Mastel Hospitality’s Trusted Solutions page we offer a curated list of solutions, thoroughly reviewed and client-tested, to ease the selection process for hospitality businesses.

Notably, Mastel Hospitality gains no monetary benefit from these listings. Our priority is to suggest effective solutions based on extensive industry experience and knowledge. Each solution is rigorously evaluated for quality and reliability, ensuring that clients receive recommendations that are expert-approved.

Our commitment to aiding clients in achieving their business goals is evident through this service. Feel free to contact us for further assistance in choosing the right solutions.

HMobile - Char

HMobile is a digital platform designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency in hotels. It connects all departments, streamlining operations and facilitating teamwork and offers solutions tailored for various hotel departments, including Housekeeping, Maintenance, Quality, and Reception.

Key features include comprehensive reporting and dashboards for effective hotel management, along with integrations with hundreds of Property Management Systems (PMS) and other hotel systems.

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Twice is an eCommerce platform designed to facilitate the selling and renting of products and services under a business’s own brand. It offers an array of tools necessary for setting up, operating, and expanding a business online.

With Twice, businesses can effortlessly create their online store, add products, and manage all aspects of their operations – from inventory to payments – in a single, integrated platform. This service is accessible even to those without web development skills, streamlining the process of establishing and managing an online business presence.

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SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems has revolutionized access control in the hospitality industry with cutting-edge technology. They offer innovative solutions for hotel owners and managers worldwide, ensuring guest protection and efficient employee management. Their products blend smart room features, digital keys, and comprehensive property management systems.

Targeting a diverse range of hospitality businesses, SALTO’s advanced, aesthetically designed electronic access control solutions set new industry standards, facilitating everything from internal organization to room management. This user-friendly system caters to hotels of all sizes, from luxury to budget, and includes various types of accommodations.

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Nonius is a comprehensive hotel management solution that enhances guest experiences from pre-arrival to post-stay. It features solutions like branded hotel app for smartphone-based control, including online check-in and payments. It also offers guest Wi-Fi, managed networks, mobile room keys, and in-room entertainment like Hotel Chromecast and interactive IPTV.

Additionally, it helps you manage your TV channels and provide digital signage, a sophisticated hotel phone system, room service, and real-time billing, among many other solutions.

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ZAFIRO combines its powerful hotel casting system with a modular ecosystem, designed under a pure cloud architecture, tailored to the diverse needs of the hospitality industry. Integrating IPTV technology, interactivity, connectivity, and entertainment services, ZAFIRO offers a comprehensive solution for hotels, residences, hospitals, and companies.

This service focuses on providing IPTV, WiFi, and Cast technologies to enhance the experience of customers and employees. It features customizable interfaces, advanced management tools, secure access, and rich entertainment options, ensuring a seamless and interactive experience in various hospitality and corporate environments.

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Takhys offers a cloud-based platform designed to digitize, optimize, and control operations across various sectors. This solution helps reduce costs, increase team productivity, and improve customer service. The platform is always active, accessible on all devices, and includes an offline-capable app for mobile staff. User-friendly and fully configurable, it suits both technical and non-technical users.

Takhys operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing competitive subscriptions with unlimited user access and all functionalities. The service encompasses rapid deployment, tailored setup, and comprehensive training for efficient day-one operation.

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Hub OS

Hub OS is an operating system that revolutionizes hotel operations, offering automation and flexibility to enhance performance across all stages, from opening to management. This all-in-one solution streamlines guest welcoming and inter-departmental communication. It includes features for efficient operations like reduced response times, improved housekeeping, restaurant management, and enhanced guest experiences. The management aspect offers real-time data analytics, departmental dashboards, and report generation for informed decision-making.

Additionally, it supports expansion and corporate needs with tools for construction incident reviews, document management, supplier and audit management, and automated legal report generation, ensuring comprehensive oversight of hotel operations.

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UpMail Solutions

UpMail is a transformative sales acceleration platform, tailored for hospitality groups to enhance their sales communications and better integrate sales and marketing efforts. Serving over 1000 salespeople across Europe, it streamlines processes by seamlessly integrating with email systems, recommending effective content for client interactions, and utilizing a smart tracking system to increase deal conversions.

The platform also features a multimedia library and top-quality email templates for greater efficiency. Driven by a diverse, international team of experts, UpMail is at the forefront of revolutionizing sales acceleration, helping users significantly boost client engagement and revenue.

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LucidPay is a platform designed to enhance guest experiences in the hospitality sector by providing secure, efficient, and traceable transactions with zero downtime. It integrates with existing systems like MICROS Simphony and offers features such as interconnection of units, elimination of customer disputes, automation for better guest experiences, prevention of double spending, optimization of resources, and reduction of fraud through its cashless payment system. LucidPay is operational in the UAE, KSA, and Switzerland, and is recognized for deploying Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in hotels, running employee and membership allowance programs, and automating guest packages.

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Duve is a comprehensive guest experience platform for the hospitality industry, aimed at increasing guest satisfaction, revenue growth, and digitalizing operations. It offers solutions like online check-in, a personalized guest app, upselling based on guest profiles, efficient guest communication, and analytics for understanding guest experiences. Duve also supports digital keys and custom branding for hotels, vacation rentals, and hostels, promising to enhance operational efficiency and guest services.

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