Simphony Cloud

POS Systems and Back-Office in the Cloud

Oracle Hospitality Simphony is the premiere cloud and mobile hospitality management platform, providing enterprise point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionality to support a wide range of food and beverage operations. Oracle Hospitality Simphony offers a modern user experience, delivering relevant information to guests in a fluid, live, tile presentation.

Beyond Point of Sale

  • Deliver guest-centric marketing and content using built-in, mobile POS solutions.
  • Speed deployment and save on maintenance with cloud technology.
  • Integrated with Mastel Business Intelligence for State-of-the-art Corporate Analytics.
  • Leverage a comprehensive suite of tools for identifying theft and loss prevention, loyalty and gift card, labor, inventory, and table reservations.
  • Connect to mobile payment, online and mobile ordering, digital menu boards, and more.

Empowering Guest and Service Team Experiences

Oracle Hospitality Simphony and Oracle MICROS Tablet 700 Series work together with superior flexibility to deliver more personalized service for a better guest experience.

The Tablet 700 Series is specifically designed for the hospitality industry and offers the versatility of a tablet with the durability of a ruggedized device. Working in harmony with Simphony, the Tablet 700 Series empowers service staff to conduct every action wherever they are within the operation, line busting and taking tableside ordering with pavment for optimal efficiency.

Replace traditional login screens with engaging content, such as daily specials, images, social media, and weather. Provide managers with access to meaningful data and live video surveillance, enabling them to streamline frequent operational tasks and spend more time with guests and out of the office.

Flexibility for all Serving Styles

  • Simphony adapts to all types of sales operation styles from table service, quick service, bars, and coffee shops the POS can be optimised for each serving style.
  • Simphony is used in many operations of the Hospitality and Travel industry such as Hotel Chains, Restaurant & Bar Chains, Airport and other Terminal operations and much more.
  • Integrates to support food and beverage operations within hotels, resorts and cruise ships.
  • Ideal for multiple operations within stadiums, arenas, casinos, and theme parks.

Simphony, the complete Management tool

  • Flexibly crate Gift and Loyalty programs that can easily be managed centrally for all your outlets.
  • Inventory management: minimise costs by improving visibility of your stock and reducing theft and waste.
  • Loss prevention: protect your business by identifying and reducing employee theft and finding new training opportunities.
  • Labour management: improve staff efficiency through fore-casted staffing requirements, mobile employee self-service, and real-time notifications.


A cloud managed POS Platform

  • Works without Internet connectivity, data is stored locally and in the cloud.
  • Replacing a POS is almost plug-n-play, configurations and settings are downloaded from the cloud.
  • Manage multiple outlets from a central location fast and efficiently.
  • Manage promotions and loyalty corporate wide and instantly.

Suits multiple types of F&B operations

  • Suitable for multiple serving methods and F&B Concepts such as Table Service, Quick Service, Kiosk, Ticketing, Retail and more.
  • Minimize costs of expansion with cloud management, copy configurations to new locations.
  • Reduce cost of IT with a centralised Cloud system, no additional servers or specialised knowledge.
  • Integrate with Mastel’s Business Intelligence tool and merge data from multiple sources such as Room, Retail and F&B Revenue in a single platform.

A cloud POS for modern hospitality

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure with a cloud controlled POS system.
  • Ensure high performance with scale-ability that allows you to grow your business without capital expenditure.
  • Remain current with the latest innovations and feature developments.
  • Enjoy peace of mind from knowing business operations are not at risk due to internet disruptions.
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems for a complete Hospitality System.

Business Intelligence & Analysis

  • Access real-time financial results from anywhere in the world.
  • Merge data from Multiple Sources such as PMS, Stock Control, Social Platforms and more in Intuitive Dashboards.
  • Execute promotions and see their impact on the financial results across all your properties.
  • Compare financial results between locations, against budget, historic figures and more.
  • Use the consolidated product movement data to negotiate better purchasing deals with suppliers.


  • Improve service speed and quality with mobile ordering
  • Access Business Intelligence & Reports from Mobile devices
  • Industry specific Hardware that is robust and built with purpose 

Maintain brand standards globally

  • Run your POS applications seamlessly across fixed POS and mobile devices.
  • Engage guests with staff-facing applications and customer-facing apps that enhance the guest experience from start to finish.
  • Access reporting from a smartphone or tablet to track business performance anywhere.