SII Implementation for Hospitality Market

What is SII?

This is a change of the current management system of VAT in Spain. With the SII we evolved to a new system of registry of the books of the Value Added Tax through the electronic Headquarters of the Spanish AEAT, through the daily supply of the billing records.

Many Hotel Chains, Resorts, City Hotels, Golf Courses, Sports Centres or Large Spa are required to report with the new integrated information system from the Spanish tax agency.

Through the Business Intelligence solution marketed by Mastel Group, we have developed a series of exports that allow us to cover the information required by the Spanish tax agency.


The solution proposed by Mastel allows daily generating a series of files with which extract information from various data sources like Opera PMS, Concept Software, Micros, Simphony and other data sources.

In addition, the Hotel Dashboard Business Intelligence solution allows the generation and issuance of automatic alarms to inform users of invoices that will be generated and that for some reason have incomplete fields of the client, which is why the import of data in the tax agency would not work. With the generation of these alarm reports, the hotel can review and validate the customer’s data before the check-out and the generation of the final invoice.

Moreover, the generation of the files requires to include variables and data that do not exist in Opera, Concept, Micros / Simphony or other sources. Through the options of the Business Intelligence we can create variables that will be activated according to the parameters marked in the development and that follow the guidelines of the tax agency.

The generated files are processed telematically by specialized companies that carry out the process of loading, monitoring and validating data with the Tax Agency.

The Mastel team is available to its customers for any questions they may have.