Transform your hotel experience with Mastel Hospitality Trusted Solutions

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, Mastel Hospitality has curated a suite of Trusted Solutions that bring innovative technologies and operational excellence to your doorstep. Catering to hospitality management and owners, these solutions exemplify the blend of sophistication and efficiency needed to elevate guest experiences and streamline management processes.

In order to be included on the list, each solution must meet the following criteria:

  • Having a common client with Mastel Hospitality
  • Integration with Oracle Hospitality products
  • Direct feedback from a client
  • Good customer feedback

As a result, below you can find some of the companies featured in our Trusted Solutions list that follow the mentioned criteria:

HMobile – Char: Connecting hotel departments

HMobile – Char is a digital platform enhancing hotel efficiency and collaboration. It unifies departments, streamlining operations and fostering teamwork with tailored solutions for Housekeeping, Maintenance, Quality, and Reception. As can be seen, the platform features detailed reporting, management dashboards, and integrates with numerous Property Management Systems (PMS) and other hotel systems.

HMobile – Char logo

Rentle/Twice: Transforming eCommerce

Twice is a one-stop eCommerce platform designed for businesses to sell and rent products under their own brand. It provides all the necessary tools for online business setup, operation, and expansion. In this case, with Rentle/Twice, creating an online store, managing inventory, and handling payments becomes effortless, even for those without web development skills.

Twice logo

Nonius: Enhancing efficiency

Nonius is a holistic hotel management tool that boosts guest experiences from booking to departure. It includes a branded app for online check-ins and payments, guest Wi-Fi, mobile room keys, and in-room entertainment like Chromecast and interactive IPTV. Additionally, it offers solutions for managing TV channels, digital signage, hotel phone systems, room service, and real-time billing.

Nonius logo

UpMail Solutions: Sales acceleration

UpMail Solutions, a sales acceleration platform for hospitality groups, enhances sales and marketing efforts. Serving over 1000 European salespeople, it integrates with email systems, suggests effective client content, and uses smart tracking to improve deal conversions. Moreover, it features a multimedia library and premium email templates which, with a diverse team of experts, increases client engagement and revenue.

UpMail Solutions logo

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These collaborations are more than just recommendations; they are the gears that will keep the wheels of your hospitality ventures running without a hitch. Explore Mastel Hospitality’s Trusted Solutions full list and join the league of hotels that are not just providing a service but curating an experience. Transform today for a brighter, more connected future in hospitality.