Wow effect in One & Only One Za’abeel and SIRO One Za’abeel

In Mastel Hospitality we are excited to announce our collaboration in the deployment of Opera Cloud and Simphony Cloud during the LIVE week at the prestigious One & Only One Za’abeel and SIRO One Za’abeel hotels. Our engagement as technological consultants with Kerzner International marks a significant achievement in our mission to drive innovation and excellence within the hospitality sector.

Our Senior Product Specialist and co-CEO at One & Only One Za’abeel

In the heart of Dubai, where tradition meets avant-garde, the One & Only One Za’abeel and SIRO One Za’abeel stand as paragons of luxury and technological advancement. Our team at Mastel Hospitality has been privileged to witness the unveiling of these establishments and to contribute our expertise in integrating Opera Cloud and Simphony Cloud services.

The architectural marvel that is One & Only One Za’abeel, with its panoramic vistas and levitating pools, alongside SIRO One Za’abeel’s fusion of fitness with luxury, provided a backdrop that inspired our team. It was here that our solutions seamlessly blended with Dubai’s cultural and innovative spirit, ensuring a guest experience that truly resonates with the ‘wow’ effect.

Our co-CEO having a ‘wow’ effect moment at One & Only One Za’abeel

We commend the unwavering commitment of Kerzner International to setting new standards in the hospitality industry. Their dedication to crafting memorable and sophisticated guest experiences aligns perfectly with our philosophy at Mastel Hospitality. As we celebrate the opening of these iconic hotels, we are reminded of the power of collaborative excellence and the wonders it can achieve.

Mastel Hospitality is proud to be at the forefront of this transformational era in hospitality. We extend our thanks to Kerzner International for entrusting us with this opportunity and congratulate them on this momentous occasion. Together, we are setting the stage for a future where technology and service converge to create the ultimate guest experience.

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