Experiencias XCaret Hoteles SAP Interface & Mastel Hospitality Services

Experiencias XCaret Hoteles have come to an agreement with Mastel Hospitality as their corporate Hospitality Technology consultants supporting expansion efforts, technological decision making and all Oracle Hospitality Product related projects.

One of our recent projects is the development of an Interface between Multiple Property Opera PMS and the corporate financial system SAP. This is achieved by developing an export file in Opera that is then imported to the Financial System. Although this does sound simple, the development must take certain factors into consideration which complicate the project. Local regulations as well as corporate complexities must be understood and integrated in the export file.

Once the development has been finalised, XCaret can automatically import financial transactions and information, directly from Opera PMS to Accounting. Our consultants develop these export files and test to ensure data quality.

Group XCaret is also currently implementing an expansion plan which will come to action over the next years, Mastel Hospitality is supporting these expansion plans to ensure technology can keep up with the requirements of growth.

About XCaret

XCaret is a waterpark themes amusement, eco-archaeological park and much more, all in one place. Due to its privileged location in the Mayan jungle among underground rivers, cenotes and facing the Caribbean Sea, Xcaret has impressive scenarios where you can do different activities and enjoy to the fullest those scenarios. Besides that, Xcaret is a park that celebrates Mexico’s present and rich past, a country known for its traditions, culture and folklore.

Xcaret opened in 1990 and since has become a landmark of Cancun and Riviera Maya, even considered my many, as THE destination of this region above the aforementioned. Its name means “small inlet” since a portion of the Caribbean Sea enters the land. Because of this, the Mayans used Xcaret, know back then as Pole, as a merchandise port.

About Mastel Hospitality

Mastel Hospitality Consulting was founded in 2006, a technological consulting firm linked to the International Hospitality market. Mastel aims to provide customers with the added value of its operational and technological knowledge and expertise within the Hospitality Industry, improving information quality as well as organizational working processes and procedures to facilitate decision-making.