5 Tips to Optimise your Workflow with Opera Cloud

Hotel Technology is constantly improving and while innovation opens new possibilities for workflows, Hospitality remains a people business. A welcome with a smile can make all the difference for a guest.

When we look at the flow of interaction or data in a hotel environment, we notice that there are multiple interfaces, these interfaces can be technology or simply human interaction. A receptionist for example can be the interface between client and hotel PMS system, A waiter can be the interface point between guest and the hotels POS system.

To optimise these interactions and achieve workflows that are efficient and time conserving, we can take multiple steps. Mastel Hospitality has been specialising in optimising these workflows and building procedures for Hotels and Resorts that simply make more for your hotels.

Here are our top 5 Tips on optimising your workflow with Opera Cloud:

Tip 1: Standard Operating Procedures

Having standard processes saves a lot of headaches in the short and long run. Operating Procedures should take technology into consideration, by implementing processes, hoteliers can ensure that clients have a smooth guest experience and by implementing a system of checks and balances, we ensure that all data is recorded correctly. This in turn ensures that reports and analytics are correct, and management can confidently implement changes according to that data. This of course is not a Opera Cloud specific tip, however the more customisation a PMS or POS allow, the more important it is that the correct procedures are in place.

Tip 2: Customise Screens and Views for Optimal interaction

One of Opera Cloud’s strong points is the vast amount of customisation available. Each business is in its own way unique and has different ways of operating. Oracle Hospitality took this into consideration giving operators and hoteliers the power to adapt to their own needs.

One of these customisable features are screens and views. Opera cloud allows users to not only customise fields and layouts, it also remembers each users preferences and recalls them anywhere they log in at that moment.

By optimising layouts and screens, hotel staff can limit the number of clicks required to reach a specific feature or details of a client significantly speeding up workflows.

Tip 3: Untether your Staff

Opera Cloud is device agnostic, this means you can run your PMS on pc’s laptops, tablets or even phones making your team mobile.

By untethering staff from the front desk, you can interact with clients at any given location. Your maintenance team can check requests and mark them complete on the run. Housekeeping can check room statuses and client data at any given moment. Mobile staff can act quicker armed with the power of Opera Cloud anywhere, any time.

Tip 4: Opera Cloud Home Screen Dashboard Tiles

The Dashboard Tile feature allows users to add blocks of information to their home screen for instant access. These tiles can display important information in one single screen. Tiles include arrival/departure information, Appointments, Activities, Room Availability, Room Status, Task sheets and much more.

Configuring your home screen to show virtually all the important information of the day, can safe valuable time during busy check in/out periods.

Tip 5: Train your Team

Training your team is probably one of the most important points on this list. By offering consistent training to your staff, you ensure that knowledge is kept fresh. Features and functions that improve workflows become second nature, and new features are discovered that help overcome obstacles and challenges.

Frequent training sessions also ensure that the knowledge is equal between your team members making them more independent and able to deal with challenging situations.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased engagement and levels of productivity.
  • Motivates performance.
  • Improves Staff Retention
  • Makes happier guest.

Bonus Tip: Shortcuts

Before the days of mouse and touch screen, shortcuts where the standard in software solutions. It is hard to believe now but in the 80s and 90s, PMS Solutions relied solely on keyboard input.

And it is true that until today, the fastest way of accessing features and menus, remains the shortcut. It might sound like a small point but, shortcuts are a massive time saver during busy hours. The combination of two buttons presses simultaneously can easily replace multiple mouse clicks vastly improving workflows and reducing screen time for staff.

Tool Tips are also a great feature to use, giving staff quick descriptions of menu items but not only must these features be configured and enables, staff must be trained to use them as second to speed up service.

Each hotel, hotel chain or resort is different. This means that requirements are also unique and can be different when optimising workflows. It is therefore important to take a holistic approach to improving your workflows by looking at technology, functionality, and procedures. A chain with multiple hotels could for example manage the night audit process from a single location as well as user rights, pricing, configuration and much more.

About Mastel Hospitality

Mastel Hospitality is an international consultancy focusing on Oracle Hospitality Solutions such as Opera 5, Opera Cloud and Simphony Cloud. As certified Oracle Hospitality Partners and a team of Hospitality / IT specialists, we provide consultancy and support that help you optimise your workflows and processes.

Mastel Hospitality is also an official Oracle Hospitality Resell partner providing licenses and implementation services for Opera 5, Opera Cloud and Simphony Cloud.