Melodia – Corporate Business Intelligence for Meliá Hotels International

Meliá Hotels International is well known for innovating and leading technology in the hospitality industry. Mastel Hospitality has been working with Meliá Hotels International on multiple projects over the past years, testing new technologies and integrating 3rd party software systems in to the corporate software solution family.

In our latest project we are implementing the Hotel Dashboard Corporate Business Intelligence in a multi-hotel environment, spanning across different continents, regions and countries, including multiple languages, currencies and exchange rates.

But before we get into the details of the technology we used to achieve high level and detailed Business Intelligence, lets look at the project overall overview and needs.

Project Overview

Given the scope and size of the project, Mastel Hospitality is working hand in hand with the Meliá Hotels International team to prepare all the parts of the implementation. Each property and module undergo a detailed quality assurance process to secure correct numbers and reporting on both property and a corporate level.

Meliá Hotels International Analytics Needs

Meliá’s roots go back to the early 1960s. Initially its portfolio grew in Spain acquiring hotels in the Canary and Balearic Islands. By the mid-80s the Melia we know today was Spain’s largest hotel chain. By the 90’s, Meliá Hotels International started to expand outside of Spain. Today, the company operates more than 325 hotels in more than 40 Countries world-wide.

Operating a chain in different countries and continents comes with its own set of challenges. When dealing with multiple properties, time zones, currencies and languages centralising a Business Intelligence tool requires a lot of functionality that allows the management and merging of such information.

Hotel Dashboard has a proven track record in overcoming exactly these obstacles.

  • Multi Property Data Centralisation
  • Multi-Currency Management for Business Intelligence
  • Multilingual PMS Configurations
  • Ad Hoc report Developments and Automatic Distribution

Opera Multi-property databases come in various setups and forms, Mastel Hotel Dashboard has been developed to gather data from various database configurations such as multi property and multiple individual properties. All data is then centralised in Qlik Sense allowing us to develop datasets to create KPI’s and custom Reports.

By recording historical exchange rates, Hotel Dashboard can record past and current values of the reporting period and centralise KPI’s and reporting into a single currency. This allows management to review local currency but also in the decided HQ Currency.

The Mastel Hotel Corporate Dashboard integrates more than 60 KPI Dashboards into a single Reporting and Analytics tools. The functionality implemented for Meliá Hotels International includes Report Distribution. By using grouping and filtering abilities, Meliá can select who received which level of reports.

Qlik Sense offers a cutting-edge visualization and discovery experience in a smart, responsive, HTML5 user interface that allows people to explore information and gain critical insights at the speed of thought. Qlik Sense is built to promote the use of human intuition in all areas of the user experience. If you want to learn more about Qlik Sense, download the data sheet here.

The future of Meliá’s Melodia Project, powered by Mastel’s Hotel Dashboard Solution, will be integrating new Opera Modules to extend analytics and reportability to unprecedented levels.

Meliá Business Intelligence – Phase I Breakdown

  • 95 Properties in multiple regions and countries
  • Opera PMS V5 System both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Opera S&C V5 System both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Opera Cloud PMS and OSEM in the cloud

The requirements:

  • Corporate Level reports & analytics giving management an overview of all properties in a single dashboard and reporting tool.
  • Groups & Events analysis on a corporate multi property level.
  • Shell Protection to ensure corporate standards and Shell are applied in all properties. This in turn ensures unified and correct data for analytics.

How we deploy Corporate Business Intelligence

Mastel Hotel Dashboard offers multiple stackable solutions that can address all the Meliá Hospitality requirements in a single application. The solutions introduced in the first stage are the following:

Hotel Dashboard Corporate Solution

The Hotel Corporate Solution is a top-level Business Intelligence tool that aggregates data from multiple hotels and combines them in a single analytics solution. This gives management the tools to compare and analyse individual properties but also compare properties, regions and various factors for decision making on a head office level. All this while overcoming obstacles such as exchange rates and languages in different regions.

MELODIA’s Solution is part of the Analytics 360 strategic project for the digital transformation of Meliá Hotels International.

Jesús Moreno, Data & Advanced Analytics Director, indicates how they have seen a great opportunity to develop the project quickly during the second half of 2020 thanks to the integrations available in Mastel Hospitality’s Hotel Dashboard solution.

Through MELODIA Project, powered by the Hotel Dashboard Solution, we can unify data from all our hotels worldwide with the different ORACLE platforms (Opera PMS and S&C both On Premise and Cloud and the new Opera Cloud PMS and OSEM solution). Furthermore, this project will allow us to better understand ORACLE’s solutions to optimize other data strategies within the Analytics 360 strategic project currently being promoted by the group.

Jesús Moreno de la Villa
Data & Advanced Analytics Director
Meliá Hotels International

Hotel Dashboard Groups & Events

The Groups & Events module collects data from the Opera Sales & Catering V5 module and Opera Cloud OSEM module giving the Group a single platform for reports and analytics. This gives corporate management a better picture of their MICE business. Having great insight in specific business niches allows for better decision making.

Hotel Dashboard offers a fully Integrated solution for Opera Sales & Catering and creates advanced Reports & Analytics on a property and corporate level.

While G&E comes with a ready set of reports, it is important to note that all Hotel Dashboard Modules can be customised and developments can be created according to the clients needs.

With the Implementation of HD Groups and Events, Meliá Hotels International can efficiently analyse MICE business for properties that manage events such as weddings, corporate events, exhibitions and other event types. Reports and dashboards include functions to track pickup analysis, events analysis and detailed revenue analysis of all event aspects.

G&E also features a customizable report block in which management can choose dimensions and measures to generate reports on the fly. Other than measures and dimensions, filters can be applied to further drill into specific data.

By combining Hotel Dashboard with the Qlik NPrinting module, Meliá can schedule and distribute custom reports to the management team but also to property level management and staff.

Hotel Dashboard Shell Guard

Shell Guard is a tool that analyses the configuration of Opera and finds any deviations from the corporate shell. By setting a corporate standard, Shell guard can compare each Opera configuration to Meliá’s standard setup and informs management on any changes applied on the configuration at a property level.

A corporate shell improves corporate standards across multiple regions, by controlling and reporting on the shell standards, management can take actions to ensure data is collected correctly and accurately.

Additional features such as alarms, report distribution, automatically trigger notifications for management as well as the relevant contacts on-site to rectify any errors.

Shell Guard offers various KPI’s and dashboards that allows the corporate management team to control corporate standards, these reports include the monitoring of Functions, Parameters, Settings, Configuration codes, TRX Codes but also Rates and Rate codes, packages and AR’s.

The Melodia project has been an exciting challenge for Mastel and the Meliá Data & Advanced Analytics team. In a record time of only 6 months, we have jointly developed the definition, data loading, analysis, validation and commissioning of more than 90 hotels distributed throughout the world. This marks the starting point of the Melodia project.

The project has already met and surpassed important milestones, such as the centralisation and merging of data from multiple properties with different origins (Opera V5 on-premise, Opera V5 Cloud and Opera Cloud) in an optimal way. We continue to work as a team with Meliá to offer them all the knowledge, specialization and support of Mastel Hospitality in their “Be Digital 360” Project. We are proud to actively collaborate in different areas with such a prestigious hotel chain, Meliá Hotels International.

Rafael Godoy
Mastel Hospitality

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Hotel Dashboard comes with a pre-defined set of reporting making it a turnkey solution with customisation options.

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