Mastel Hospitality launches Hotel Dashboard Business Intelligence for Opera Cloud

Mastel Hospitality has successfully connected Opera Cloud with its leading Business Intelligence solution, Hotel Dashboard. The integrations with HD allow hoteliers to centralize Reports & Analytics while integrating 3rd party data in a single platform. Since the release of Opera Cloud, the Mastel hospitality Business Intelligence team has been working on mapping and modelling data for the Integration with the Hotel Dashboard platform. Since then, we have successfully connected the Opera Cloud database.

Hotel Dashboard with Opera Cloud

With this new development Hotel Dashboard can merge data from multiple Opera Sources (Opera V5 PMS and Sales and Catering both On Premise and Cloud, and Opera Cloud PMS and OSEM) in a single platform allowing hotel groups to support their upgrade strategy with a Business Intelligence solution that perform all KPI while the migration is taking place.

Mastel Hospitality has already tested and validated the integration with a LIVE System of Opera Cloud in a large chain environment.

Opera Cloud

About Opera Cloud

Opera Cloud is Oracle Hospitalities next generation PMS Platform. As a cloud solution it reduces the IT Infrastructure requirements to virtually zero. No servers or specialized hardware is required to run Opera Cloud PMS and OSEM, and as a hardware agnostic system, the client is free to choose what brand or type of PC is used in the front end.

Mastel Hospitality Hotel Dashboard

Mastel Hotel Dashboard bridges the reporting and analytics needs between the Rooms division, Food & Beverage division and other data streams generated within the hotel to create a complete single analytics platform for fast and accurate decision making. This new solution allows hoteliers utilizing Opera Cloud PMS and OSEM and Simphony to combine data from both solutions and generate reports and KPI’s that give management a more complete picture.

Hotel Dashboard also allows easy integration and development of 3rd party data such as Financial Systems, Human Resource systems, Housekeeping solutions or guest facing software among other external data loaded from different sources.

Hotel Dashboard has a reporting tool that allows to develop personalize reporting crossing data from all those sources and distribute the reports in automatic processes with multiple formats (WORD, EXCEL; HTML, Power Point, CSV, TXT, etc…).

The Hotel Dashboard solution is powered by Qlik Sense, a Business Intelligence Leader that offers the technology to support this hospitality solution worldwide.