Why you should migrate to Simphony Cloud

When it comes to Hospitality Technology solutions Cloud is no longer the future but rather the present and it is fairly easy to see why.

Technology is evolving faster than ever; computers are doubling their capabilities every twelve to eighteen months. This means that any infrastructure you invest in today will be outdated one and a half years from now and as trend’s and business change with technology you will need to invest to stay ahead of the competition. So how can a business with a finite IT budget stay ahead in the race? The solution is of course a hospitality focused cloud. Hospitality focused Technology companies such as Oracle Hospitality focus on building and evolving a cloud that not only stays ahead of the competition but innovates the future of Cloud computing in our industry.

As IT Consultants we at Mastel Hospitality have been supporting our clients with Simphony Cloud since 2018, since then Simphony Cloud has seen some drastic improvements with connectivity, stability and functionality so let’s have a look in to the advantages that Simphony Cloud Point of Sales (POS) bring to the table in 2019.

Reduced Cost of Hardware & Labour

By maintaining a state-of-the-art cloud, Oracle ensures that you don’t have to invest in servers, repairs or server maintenance but these are not the only expense that are spared by using a cloud POS system.

  • Implementation
    • Implementing Simphony POS is as easy as copy/paste. You don’t need an IT Professional that installs software or servers, simply setup the new outlet or menu in the management console and the rest is pretty much plug’n play
  • Easy Updates
    • Having a cloud POS or PMS also means that updates become easier as everything is updated centrally and by Oracle. This means less stress to get new features, faster upgrades and less cost of service for upgrades.
  • Scalability
    • Growing your business is already labour and cost intensive without taking the technological side in to consideration. Scaling cloud has never been easier. Growing your business virtually becomes a plug and play affair when it comes to Simphony POS saving you time, effort and cost.
  • Other Benefits
    • Reduced staff cost as expert staff is not required for implementation and maintenance of the system
    • Reduced Energy costs as servers are running in the cloud and not your premises
    • Reduced Cost of upgrades, new hardware implantation
    • Faster Hardware Implementation as it becomes Plug’n Play to install a new POS.
Simphony Cloud POS

Take control into your hands

Controlling your menu can be a daunting task especially when you are dealing with more than one location our outlets.

Traditionally when a menu change was applied or a promotion was launched, management had to either inform each store to update those menu changes or even sent someone who knew the system to each outlet to make those changes manually. In a cloud managed environment this because much easier to manager. Simphony Cloud does not only allow you to manage Menus, Promotions, Prices and even loyalty schemes centrally from the comfort of your office, it also has the capability to simply distribute items to your restaurants and outlets and with the Scheduling function you can even pre-program those changes for specific dates and date ranges.

It is important to note that although Simphony is a cloud solution, all information is stored locally as well as in the cloud. This means that even if the internet connectivity of a specific location is interrupted all menu items and changes are downloaded locally and will change as scheduled even without a connection to the cloud.

Delivery Consistently

In a highly competitive industry Loyal clients are an important part of your business, a client that has visited your Restaurant or Café will expect the same level of quality and service in any of your brand’s locations. By centralising, menu’s, recipes and loyalty schemes in Simphony Cloud, you don’t only reduce labour cost but you also setup a safety net to protect you from inconsistent customer experiences due to delayed changes those menus, recipes or promotions. By delivering updates across all your locations via the cloud, you ensure that all your outlets work with the same information and brand standards.

Simphony Cloud POS

Leading Trends and staying ahead of the game

Trends in the Food & Beverage industry are always evolving, new trends require new innovations in technology to address the markets needs. In a cloud environment new functions and innovations can be implemented much faster than in a locally hosted solution. As new features are implemented, they can be tested in Pilot locations and then rolled out to other restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other F&B Outlets with the click of a button. This method allows you to not only follow the latest trends but potentially lead them.

Business continuity

A continuity strategy is an important part of your business. A failover in case of hardware failure, natural disaster, power failure or even foul play is essential to continue business following such an event. In a locally hosted environment, you are essentially responsible to ensure your data is backed up correctly and restored in case of a failure. This comes with some serious risks such as backup failure, human error or hardware faults and carries extended downtimes during such events as you must replace broken hardware and restore backups. In a cloud environment data protection is managed by the cloud provider and therefore a risk you don’t need to handle. Data is stored in highly secured environments as well as in multiple locations keeping your data save even in natural disasters were local hardware could potentially be destroyed.

Restoring data in the cloud is also a lot easier and faster than in a locally hosted environment securing your business continuity in any event.

Central Guest-Centric Marketing

Every customer is an individual with his/her own preferences and behaviours. Realising this is the first step in shedding a one-size approach that fails to realise opportunities and insights of your individual client. A Guest-Centric approach empowers your marketing team to target the right customer with the right message at the right time. And as all the data is managed in the Simphony Cloud, your Sales & Marketing team can utilise this data across all your outlets to maximise their approach and reach.

Are you interested in Simphony Cloud for your business? Contact me today and find out how Simphony Cloud can help your business.

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