Terra Mítica Business Intelligence

Our latest project in Business Intelligence takes us to the beautiful city of Alicante, Spain. Terra Mítica is an amazing Theme park who’s name stems from the Latin words for “mythical land”.

While the Theme Park is the main attraction of Terra Mítica, it also offers luxurious accommodation for its visitors in the 4 Start Superior Grand Luxor Hotel.

The BI Hospitality Challenge

Terra Mítica receives thousands of visitors each year who’s bookings are all managed in Oracle Hospitality Opera 5 Property management system, when the PMS was initially implemented the segmentation was very different so the system was not configured to track and analyse what eventually became the main segments for the property. This made it very difficult to analyse segments and create reports for SalesMarketing and Operational departments. Changing the configuration was ruled out as an option as it wouldn’t have been possible to change historic data and would therefore have made YTD and historical analytics next to impossible.

When Mastel Hospitality presented the Hotel Dashboard product, Terra Mítica immediately saw the opportunity to solve this challenge and make reporting not only easier but better and less time consuming to the Hotel Management and Directors.

The Solution – Hotel Dashboard BI

As the hotel utilises Oracle Hospitality Opera 5 Property management system, Mastel Hospitality was able to connect to the Opera 5 database and analyse the data in the Hotel Dashboard BI tool. Once we had analysed the data we were able to find common identifiers between the visitors and market segments that helped us relate the data and create the Reports and Analytics that the client required.

The Extra mile

While solving the reporting challenge for market segmentation, Hotel Dashboard came with some additional features that Terra Mítica needed but previously didn’t have available in their Reporting arsenal.

  • Hotel Dashboard’s full reporting set .While Terra Mitica’s challenge was Market Segmentation, they still have the full reporting set of Hotel Dashboards Hotel Solution at their disposal. This includes years of Reports & Analytics developments that Mastel Hospitality has researched with its clients to help them better manager their Hotels and Resorts.
  • Revenue Management. The Hotel Dashboard Hotel Solution offers a set of analytical tools for Hotels to analyse and improve Revenue Management, this was something Terra Mitica wanted and came as part of the Hotel Dashboard Hotel Solution package.
  • Easy Exporting. The client wanted an easy way to export reports in to excel and other formats such as CSV and PDF, this is something the Qlik Sense platform offers natively and bares no additional cost to the client.

The Future

Utilizing the Hotel Dashboard platform, Terra Mítica opened the door to new possibilities for integration with other software solutions or data sources. Hotel Dashboard has extensive data integration capabilities and enables you to integrate with multiple solutions such as: POS Solutions, Accounting Systems, Human Resource Management, Databases or even Budget figures or targets from an excel spreadsheet with virtually no limit on what you can integrate.

About Mastel Hospitality Consultancy

Mastel Hospitality is an IT Consultancy focused on the Hospitality Market and Specialised in Business Intelligence as well as Oracle Hospitality Products. The Hotel Dashboard platform has been developed to natively integrate with Opera 5, Opera G&E, Simphony and Micros offering a plethora of Reporting and Analytical tools out of the box.

If you want more information regarding our services, please contact us at info@mastel.es or call us on +35 7 97 873 853 or +34 91 489 11 61.