Pioneering AI in Hospitality: Our first projects to elevate the industry

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence has guided into a transformative era where its influence is determined to reach every corner of industry and commerce. From healthcare to finance, manufacturing to entertainment, AI is steadily becoming an omnipresent force, reshaping the way businesses operate and the services they provide.

In this age of AI ascendancy, the Hospitality sector is undergoing a profound evolution too, where the integration of intelligent machines promises to enhance guest satisfaction, operational excellence and revenue generation, all while redefining the very essence of Hospitality.

First projects with AI through existing plugins

In Mastel Hospitality, we have been engaged in rigorous efforts over the past few months to initiate integration projects involving AI thanks to our agreement with PolyAPI, the platform that helps developer teams to streamline their API & Event discovery and consumption process. We are pleased to announce the successful culmination of our inaugural project, in which we have established a connection between existing plugins and ChatGPT.

Coherent integration for enhanced functionality

One of the most exciting aspects of this initial stride is that we are advancing toward a future in which we can seamlessly integrate our clients’ applications as well as our proprietary apps with OpenAI.

Your personal assistant: AI-Driven Chatbot

AI-powered solutions operate as smart chatbots, capable of interacting with your clients in a natural and intuitive manner. Whether your client needs assistance with check-ins or making secure payments, this AI integrations using Opera Cloud’s APIs or FreedomPay’s payment gateway, for example, will be there in the backend to guide your client through the process.

This is just the beginning of our AI journey, and we are committed to continuously improving and expanding the capabilities of our integrations to better serve you with the help of PolyAPI. The possibilities for this market that has to develop its full potential are endless, and in Mastel Hospitality with our integrations solutions, we are pleased to start working with this new reality.