Mastel Hospitality launches its new Cybersecurity Division

In the last few years, individual hotels and major hotel chains alike have fallen victim to relentless cyberattacks with huge repercussions and average costs soaring into millions of dollars. As technology continues to advance, the battle between security and data breaches is becoming more intense.

But this struggle extends far beyond the realms of mere technology. It delves deep into the heart of operational procedures, striking at the very core of companies. In this digital age, the symbiotic relationship between business strategy and cybersecurity strategy is more crucial than ever.

That’s why, at Mastel Hospitality, we’ve made a pivotal decision to launch our own Cybersecurity division with Cysuite. We stand at the forefront, offering you the highest level of protection. Our approach is unique, blending the expertise of our dedicated Hospitality team, with over a decade of experience dating back to 2006, and the unmatched proficiency of our cybersecurity experts.

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