Mastel Hospitality partners with REVO

Partnership Announcement!

We’re excited to unveil a significant milestone in our path. Introducing REVO as our newest Point of Sale partner. This addition complements our existing offerings, solidifying our commitment to providing the best solutions for our clients.

About Revo XEF: A top-tier cloud-based POS software, Revo XEF has been crafted meticulously for restaurants, hotels, and other F&B enterprises. Its wide product range ensures seamless operations, unparalleled customer service, and notable sales enhancement.

Why REVO stands out:

  • Increased efficiency: Automate crucial operations, from taking orders to processing payments and inventory tracking.
  • Superior customer service: Offering intuitive order processes, capturing customer preferences, and furnishing them with real-time updates and loyalty rewards.
  • Boosted sales: Delve deep into customer insights, track popular items, and spot spending trends to amplify sales.

Benefits of offering a second POS:

  1. Expanded market reach: cater to diverse industry niches, ensuring a broader customer base with various budget expectations.
  2. Flexibility & customization: address the distinct needs of various customers, enhancing satisfaction.
  3. Optimized profit margins: provide cost-effective solutions while upholding high profit margins.
  4. Dominant market presence: differentiate us in the market, strengthening our competitive edge.
  5. Exceptional customer experiences: allow customers the freedom to choose products tailored to their needs, bolstering loyalty and profit.
  6. Works with iPads: doesn’t require dedicated POS hardware.

We deeply value our partnerships, old and new, and continue to strive for excellence in serving our clients. A heartfelt thank you to our community for your unwavering trust and support!

Check the detailed information of our new services here.

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