OHIP Corrective Folio Generator for Opera Cloud

In Mastel Hospitality, we have updated our Extended Credit Bill Solution for our new OHIP Corrective Folio Generator.

New naming

Why have we changed the name? Initially, Extended Credit Bill used the Credit Bill functionality of Opera Cloud, which was restricted in countries with specific fiscal requirements. With this latest version, we have developed functionality that overcomes these restrictions.

New features

Our brand-new integration for OHIP comes with new features:

  • Folio corrections: Correct event or individual folios replicating the reservation and line items of incorrect checkouts.
  • Simplify corrections: OHIP Corrective Folio Generator reduces time and effort by simplifying folio corrections with a simple click.
  • Folio search function: Search for a folio in Opera Cloud and see the details for your confirmation.
  • Automated process: Benefit from a fully automated process utilizing the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform.
  • Step-guided automation: Stop the process at any time and feel free to interact with Opera Cloud during the process to achieve a totally precise result.
  • Easy user access: Multiple ways to access the solution, making it simpler and more intuitive.
  • Multiple applications: Apply to incorrect folios, payment methods, wrong amounts, incorrect profiles and charges.
  • Global folio coverage: The solution utilizes functions that can cover Fiscal Requirements of multiple regions.

If you want to know more about OHIP Corrective Folio Generator or other OHIP Solutions, please, contact us.