Extended Credit Bill for Opera Cloud

Mastel Hospitality has officially released its first development for the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform also known as OHIP. OHIP enables integration with both Oracle Hospitality and Oracle Food & Beverage for solutions such as Opera Cloud PMS and Simphony POS.

How it works

The Extended Credit Bill application simplifies and automates the way folios are corrected in Opera Cloud. By utilising the Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform, the application allows you to recreate already checked out folios along with all the line items and reservation details of the folio that requires an amendment. The Extended Credit Bill app can be applied to correct:

  • Incorrect payment methods
  • Incorrect checkout amounts
  • Folios checked out with the wrong booking profile
  • Incorrect charges or line items
  • Accidental Folio Checkouts

This comes especially handy for accounting, administration, the front desk as well meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions which tend to have folios with many line items that are difficult to recreate manually.

About OHIP

The Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform is an open connectivity layer that allows hoteliers and F&B Operators to securely extract data and interface with Opera Cloud PMS as well as Simphony POS. This allows developers to build interfaces and extended functionality thus driving innovation without relying on Oracle Developments.

Implementation & Pricing

Implementing Extended Credit Bill is fast and easy, it requires only a single implementation day to connect the application and train your team. Once installed the link is enabled in Opera Cloud and available to use.

Extended Credit Bill has a convenient single monthly fee that includes hosting, support
and software licenses. For more information regarding pricing, please contact our sales team.

Why choose Mastel Hospitality for your OHIP developments?

Since 2006 Mastel Hospitality has been focusing on providing IT Consultancy and Services for the Hospitality Industry. Our team consists of professionals with extensive knowledge in Hospitality Technology, certified to support and implement Oracle Hospitality solutions. This knowledge combined with our development vertical, enables us to understand your requirements faster and build solutions that work in real life scenarios.

The Mastel Business Intelligence division has been analysing and developing analytics for Opera and Simphony since 2012, giving us a detailed insight of the technology and databases that contain the data required for developments giving us the cutting edge advantage for your developments.

Mastel Hospitality is an official OPN Member and Oracle Partner, our developments and services can be found on the Oracle Hospitality Cloud Marketplace:

Oracle Market Place – Extended Credit Bill

Oracle Market Place – OHIP Development Services

If you want to know more about Extended Credit Bill or OHIP Developments for Oracle Hospitality, contact us at info@mastel.es or via the contact form below.