FoodBox: An Outstanding Business Intelligence Case Study

There is no prouder moment for us, than when a client uses the knowledge received in our training sessions to optimise and improve their business solutions to highly professional levels, like FoodBox.

In 2017, FoodBox and Mastel Hospitality started a cooperation with an ambitious project plan, to improve the Reporting and Analytics system of the entire group.

In the early stages, and as in many of these these projects, we underwent processes to adapt reports and databases. This ensured that the groups data was ready for the new reporting tool we introduced, Qlik Sense.

During the last few years, FoodBox, with the help of our highly qualified team, not only made the first phase of implementation a success, but also addressed multiple improvements in multiple management areas such as Sales, Product-Mix, Training, Surveys, Purchasing, Finance, Business Development Trips, Restaurant Network and Market Research among other areas to highlight.

Qlik is one of our daily work tools of reference. On the one hand, it has allowed us to centralize information from different data sources in a single place and, on the other hand, it allows us to create our own dashboards in an agile way and with the possibility of delving deeper into those data that we consider relevant in a fast and very intuitive way.

Cristina Morillo
Business Intelligence Manager in FoodBox

The intuitive access to data and reporting, has made Qlik Sense the go-to business intelligence solution for Management and Leadership. The detailed insight and high analytical value of this Business Intelligence solution, will be a major tool in the future growth and recovery from the global pandemic.

We want to congratulate te entire FoodBox Group team for outstandingly managing their business analytics and reporting and wish you a successful 2022.