Concept Golf 2.9.8 includes Flexi-Price for Golf

The objective of this functionality is to enable the ability to edit the rate of a golf booking at the time of the booking. The ability to use an “Open”, undefined value at the time of the booking.

In previous versions, Concept Golf linked the rate to the Client Subtype, and the value could not be modified. In some cases, users want to have more flexibility to handle offers and for this, this functionality has been created.

Concept Software Systems (CSS)

The Flexi Price functionality included in Concept Golf would come into use for the following situations:

  • When making a standard golf booking
  • When making a group booking
  • When making a package booking

In these situations, users need to select a Player Type or Sub-Type to ascertain the value for that reservation being made. If the player Type or Sub Type are assigned to Flexi Price Tariff, then the user will have the option to apply a different price for that booking.

Discover the Flexi-Price management with the new version. Concept Software Systems 2.9.8.

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