Concept Software Systems integrates with the main Hotel PMS Systems

Concept Software Systems, also known as CSS, has been working in the hospitality market for more than 20 years. During all these years, CSS has developed multiple integrations with the main hotel management programs of the market, facilitating the transfer of information between its Golf and Spa programs and hotel management systems.

The main integration is the PMS Posting Interface that allow a site using the Concept POS System to post room charges to the PMS System. Many sites using Concept choose to use the Concept POS system for point-of-sale in all areas using Concept due to the tight integration which exists between Concept POS and other Concept products.

Room charging and revenue posting is available for 7 sales outlets with up to 9 itemizers each allowing the breakdown of posting into sales and tax subtotals with individual postings to different department codes.

Other interfaces allow users of the PMS Systems and Concept to share profiles between the two applications. Profiles created in one application can be pulled into the other application and attached to a guest. In addition, this interface sends activity reservations made in Concept to the PMS Systems and a single guest itinerary can be generated inside of the PMS Systems.

This solution allows for example that when cancelling a reservation in the PMS, the system warns the user that there is another Golf or Spa reservation in Concept linked to the hotel reservation, and therefore, the user can cancel the reservation of Concept at the same time. These integrations are developed with standard HTNG protocols.

Concept Software Systems

There are other integrations apart from Concept Software Systems with the Hospitality Management Systems that will be of your interest.