FreedomPay & Mastel Hospitality announce strategic partnership

FreedomPay, the world’s leading consumer-centric commerce platform, joins a strategic partnership with Mastel Hospitality, an international technology service provider and business intelligence developer focusing on the Hospitality, Retail and Gaming market.

The partnership is a step in the rapid expansion of FreedomPay in the European credit card payment industry. With the increase in demand of touchless payments but also a single integration point for companies utilising multiple software systems for Hospitality and Retail, FreedomPay offers a complete and unique software solution that combines payments with analytics, customer experience and software integration.

FreedomPay offers massive advantages to Hospitality businesses and multi-property chain operators in the F&B and Room’s Division. The integration with eCommerce, loyalty and business intelligence gives a unique competitive advantage to modern-day Hotel and Retail management to increase ROI, analyse spending trends and create loyalty plans that are more accessible to todays demanding consumer.

Rafael Godoy, CEO and Director of Mastel Hospitality said “The Hospitality & Retail market needs a payment partner that takes away the difficulties of dealing with technology, security and integration while giving the customer an unprecedented experience, we strongly believe that FreedomPay is that solution and look forward to a strong and long partnership”

The partnership came as a natural conclusion as Mastel Hospitality is one of the leading service providers in the Hospitality Market with a strong focus on Oracle Hospitality related products. Their team of certified Opera 5, Opera Cloud, Simphony, Simphony Cloud and IT Consultants provide services to Individual Hotels, Resorts and Hotel Chains as well as Casinos and Retail operations on a global scale.

FreedomPay, Founder and CEO Tom Durovsik said: “FreedomPay is looking forward to a great partnership with Mastel Hospitality, as a high level and high-quality IT service provider in the Hospitality Market, Mastel is the perfect match for the FreedomPay’s payment solutions. Their team of certified Oracle Hospitality Consultants have all the skills and knowledge required for a successful rollout in the EMEA region”

Mastel Hospitality has been trained and certified in the sales and support of FreedomPay’s software and payment solutions and providers an EMEA wide sales and support point for FreedomPay.