Simphony Workstation 625X 625E and 655X what’s new?

Oracle Hospitality has released the brand new 625E, 625X and 655X POS Workstations. So let’s find out what’s new and what are the benefits of this brand new Food & Beverage POS workstation.

Micros Quality

For many years the Micros Workstation has been one of the most used Food & beverage as well as a retail POS system. And this for a good reason. The Micros Workstation 5, for example, was so well built that Hotels and Restaurants didn’t need to replace them for almost 10 years. The fanless design and high end built quality made it a workstation that would outlast any other POS system on the market. 

This is the build quality we have come to know and expect from all Oracle Hospitality hardware products, this also stands true for the new 625 and 655 series. They are built for the fast paste work environments that hotels and restaurants are. 

Whats new ?

The new Micros 625E, 625X and 655X systems have seen multiple upgrades that will improve customer experience, operational workflow and performance capabilities. Here are some of the new key features:

Linux OS 

There have been rumours of a Linux based OS for Simphony for some time. The new 625 and 655 workstations give you a choice of operating systems based on Linux. This does not only improve OS performance it also lowers the cost of each workstation as no windows licenses are required. 

Reduced Power requirements

The newly designed and enhanced hardware requires less power this has a few benefits. Less power also means less stress on components and thus a longer lifespan of the workstation. But it also means it is compatible with cheaper power supplies again lowering the cost of each workstation.

Brighter and Improved Screens

All new workstations have seen an upgrade in screen brightness, the previous micros workstations featured 250 nits screens. These have now been upgraded to 300 Nits in the 625E and 500 Nits in the 625X and 655X. This is an amazing light output that will make screens perfectly visible in bright locations such as pool bars and other outdoor venues. 

Larger Screens

The WS625 and WS655 Screens have also seen an improvement in size giving you more space for screen design vastly improving the order entry process. A perfect match paired with Simphony’s multiple order entry modes.

New & Improved Speaker Design

With the increased need for Kiosk style ordering, this improvement comes perfectly timed with the current situation. The improved speakers make Kiosk ordering a much better experience for customers.

The Tech Specs

Here are some of the new technical specs and features of the Micros WS625X, 625E and 655X

  • Additional Input/output ports. Added USB-C port
  • Native RFID and WiFi capability for Employee Login
  • Additional Ethernet Port 10/100/1000G
  • Removable Media for Backup and Storage

System Specs:

ProcessorIntel Celeron 4205U dual-core 1.8 GHz Intel Celeron 4305UE dual-core 2.0 GHz Intel Core i5-8365UE quad-core 4.10 GHz
Storage64GB SSD128GB SSD256GB SSD
OSLinux for Micros or Win 10 IoT Enterprise Linux for Micros or Win 10 IoT Enterprise Linux for Micros or Win 10 IoT Enterprise
Display15.6-inch widescreen, high-definition display with
a projected capacitive touchscreen
15.6-inch widescreen, high-definition display with
a projected capacitive touchscreen
15.6-inch widescreen, high-definition display with
a projected capacitive touchscreen


The new series of Micros workstations from Oracle Hospitality couldn’t come at a better time. The reduced price point paired with improved hardware and the Micros reputation for robustness and longevity makes this a simple choice for any Restuarant or Hospitality business looking for a reliable POS system. 

The reduced price point, improvements to screen brightness and reduced power consumption also make this a viable solution for mobile food vendors. Paired with Simphony Cloud’s many features and functions, Micros hardware can cater for any business type in the Hospitality and Food & Beverage industry. 

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