Overcoming five Chain Hotel challenges with Hotel Dashboard

Operating multiple hotels comes with a large set of challenges. Hotel Chains require a strong management structure and hierarchy as well as a technological infrastructure that supports the successful management of hotels in multiple cities, regions, countries and continents.

Top-Level Managers will lay the path for the Hotel Chains vision and long-term goals, but implementing these in regions with different cultures, languages and currencies can often be challenging.

Understanding the impact of such decisions requires a centralised way of reporting that will give the hotel chains leadership a clear way to see, understand and measure success. While many hotels today still utilise manual processing methods, many have switched to more advanced business intelligence solutions that provide almost real-time analytics to central and regional management.

Here are some of the challenges faced by Hotel Chains that don’t centralise reports & analytics.

1. Centralising data from multiple Hotels or databases

Opera PMS Utilises various configuration methods for hotel chain operators. From a cloud environment to on-premise databases the challenge is the same. Extract data from the PMS and POS system and centralise it for Head Office Reports and Analytics. Many hotel chains utilise a manual process to centralise data, in many cases Rooms Division uploads data manually which is then added to the central reporting system.

This, however, has a few drawbacks. Reports are limited to the data entered and cannot be analysed in more detail; they are also prone to human error. Missing an upload can cause data holes which can influence overall statistics and can be hard to rectify or even identify.

Hotel Dashboard will automatically extract data from Opera PMS, this function is available in any form of Opera 5 Database. Whether it is situated in the cloud or on-premise. Data is then centralised in Hotel Dashboard and available in all reports and analytics. The frequency of the export and upload can we set so that your data is up to date until the previous day.

2. Multiple Currencies and fluctuating exchange rates

Reporting on multiple currencies and changing exchange rates creates a set of challenges for reports and analytics. Historical reports need to “remember” the exchange rate used in given periods. This creates an even bigger challenge when creating reports that overlap changes in currency exchange. Comparing revenue and performance in various regions requires a system that can record historic exchange rates and adapt report queries to include multiple rates in a single report or dashboard.

3. PMS Shell Standardisation across Multiple hotels

Opera 5 features a large number of configuration options, from rate types to pricing strategy, hotel chains can implement virtually any shell configuration that suits their needs. Keeping the shell configuration, a standard across all hotels, however, is a challenge and requires constant monitoring. Wrong configurations can cause errors in the data that will reflect in central reports. For example, a wrong room type in one hotel can exclude all its data from the central report.

Hotel Dashboard actively monitors Shell configurations and warns management and users if the configuration deviates from the template shell. Users are notified and management can visually see a conformity report for all properties in the chain.

4. Report Distribution

The management structure of Hotel Chains can be complex, each department or even a manager requires different data to successfully perform their duties on a daily basis and make long term and short-term decisions. In a fast paste environment, it is essential that the reports are readily available and don’t require manual labour to combine information or even extract information from multiple sources.

Hotel Dashboard features a powerful report distribution system giving you the tools to schedule report delivery to email. You can send different reports to groups, departments or individuals giving you all the information you need to your inbox or mobile device.

5. Combine Data from multiple software systems

Clear decisions require a clear picture of the current situation. This can only be achieved by taking multiple aspects and divisions into consideration. Rooms Division, Food & Beverage, Human Resources, Retail and Leisure are only some of the divisions and revenue streams Hotel Managers have to consider. Combining data from these sources is a monumental task.

Hotel Dashboard can not only combine data from multiple software systems and sources, but it can also display powerful dashboards that give you a snapshot of the current situation across all your incoming and outgoing revenue streams. Additional tools allow you to analyse spend of customers, customer types and even tour operators. All considering multiple regions, currencies and divisions.

Today more than ever, reporting and analytics is an important tool that helps us improve ROI and minimise losses. Hotel Dashboard gives you the ability to proactively identify obstacles and overcome them before they become a problem.

Having a team that that understand hospitality and a tool designed by hoteliers for hoteliers are our keys to your success. If you want to know more about how Hotel Dashboard can help your Hotel Chain or Individual hotel property, contact us today.