Mastel Hospitality and HMobile new cooperation

Mastel Hospitality and HMobile have agreed to further their cooperation by strengthening their product and service ties. By combining our services and product offerings, HMobile and Mastel Hospitality can further improve and optimize the daily operations and processes of our clients. This combined effort is another step forward in helping our clients to digitalise and adapt to today’s challenges.

Mastel Hospitality was founded in 2006, a technology consulting firm linked to the international hospitality market. Mastel aims to provide customers with the added value of their operational and technological knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, improving the quality of information, as well as organizational work processes and procedures to facilitate decision-making.

With more than 10 years of experience, Mastel has worked hard to become a trusted partner to some of the most prestigious hotel groups in the world. Mastel has positioned itself as a specialized hotel consulting firm within the national and international hotel industry.

The different business divisions of Mastel are aimed at offering specialized support and integrated products, linked mainly to the ORACLE world, for optimal management of the hotels and groups with which it works.

HMobile, 25 years ago we started to support Hotels in developing software solutions. Our first product was called char, we successfully solved the first challenge: integrating the Hotel’s PBX system with various systems and options of the Property Management System.

From there on, we have continued to work closely with Hotels and Hotel Groups Developing the latest technologies at the request of your business challenges, helping hoteliers to improve their operations, staff productivity and guest satisfaction.

HMobile incorporates all this experience and has materialized in innovative solutions.

HMobile Staff. The operations platform that connects all Hotel employees and coordinates their activities, allowing them to improve their productivity and guest satisfaction.

Currently, at least one or more of our software solutions are implemented in 90% of Hotels in Spain including hotel groups such as Meliá, Riu or Barceló who trust HMobile to improve their internal operations, for all their hotels, worldwide.