Ilunion Hotels joins Extended Support Service by Mastel Hospitality

In March of 2022, Mastel Hospitality had the pleasure of starting cooperation with Ilunion Hotels, a group of hotels with 29 properties across 13 destinations in Spain that caters to family vacations and business trips alike. To manage such a large operation, Ilunion Hotels utilizes Oracle Hospitality technology.

Illunion Hotels Official Logo

Ilunion objective in working with Mastel Hospitality is to improve the way Oracle Solutions are used and configured to improve operations and customer satisfaction. This includes not only the optimization of the software solutions but also the improvement of processes, workflows and clarification of functional doubts and challenges in the day-to-day operation.

By utilizing the Mastel Hospitality Extended Support offering for Oracle Hospitality, Ilunion hotels have the flexibility of adding skills and knowledge on-demand to their team and operations. This can come in the form of consultancy, training, and/or any other service type offered with the Extended Support package. To find out more about Mastel Hospitality Extended support, contact us.

About Ilunion Hotels

The ILUNION hotel chain is the brand of the ONCE Social Group of companies and has 29 hotels spread over 13 destinations throughout Spain, all of which are adapted for people with disabilities and accessible tourism. Ilunion offers vacation or urban hotels, for families or for business trips where you can enjoy a unique stay.

About ONCE

The National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE) is a non-profit public corporation of a social nature that has the fundamental purpose of improving the quality of life of blind people, people with residual vision, and people with disabilities throughout Spain.