The Importance of Leadership

As a company with its focus on services in a service industry, Mastel Hospitality recognises the importance of human resources and a great team. The corner stone of any good team is leadership. Good Team Leaders provide guidance, build morale create a fostering atmosphere and promote essential values giving their people an environment in which they can thrive.

But just like any skill, leadership must be honed, developed, and learned.

To give our managers the tools and skills they need to successfully lead their teams, Mastel Hospitalities works with leading professionals to ensure that our working environment values people, teamwork, and successful leadership.

In the first semester of 2021, Mastel Hospitality enlisted the help of Mrs Angélica Culebras Rodríguez, a professor of Training and Development at the University of Juan Carlos and the founder of “Fórmate y Avanza” a company specialising in helping companies advance by investing in their human capital.

The Mastel Management team underwent an amazing training experience, the training included overcoming communication obstacles that are taken for granted or considered “normal” in operations. Overcoming such hurdles improves how the team communicates making teamwork more efficient for the whole company.

Leadership reflections from our Mentor

Leading a team is a critical and fundamental aspect for any company that wants to evolve, improve, and achieve good results. To grow, develop and offers excellent services to clients requires continuous work and the development of a participatory culture that integrates all the team members and aligns them to the company’s business strategy and interests.

The Mastel Hospitality Management team recognises those needs as well as the importance of their human resources in a service industry. Their participation in the “lead and Direct by Motivating” course provided them with practical methodology to positively direct and lead their team.

One of the collateral results of the completion of this course has been the improvement of cohesion and communication among themselves and the awareness of some aspects of improvement. The participation of this management team throughout the course has been very active and has been a fundamental and decisive step for the future, which they face with the desire to continue putting into practice everything they have learned and to continue delving into these exciting topics.

Professor Angélica Culebras Rodríguez
Director of Training and Progress at Fórmate y Avanza

Mastel Hospitality was founded on the key principals of Team, Honesty and Transparency. We realise that to provide high quality services, we need a team that is organises, optimised, and has a high-level knowledge of the Hospitality Industry and the technologies we support. Therefore, we ensure frequent training for our Management and Consultancy teams. By working with Professor Culebras to hone our leadership and team skills, we create a work environment that ensures high quality services for our clients.

Anibal Merlo
CEO & Co-Founder at Mastel Hospitality