Business Intelligence in the Hospitality Market

The hotel industry has experienced a significant growth during the last decade and is not a secret that hotel companies are under increasing pressure from a highly competitive market and powerful online disruptive players.

Hoteliers depend more on revenue management to drive revenue growth than ever in the past. Revenue management has been a key tool to increase revenue performance and innovation but it is a fact that new technologies, Business Intelligence and strategic insight can help hoteliers build efficiencies and create profits.

Understanding this complex environment, technology vendors have developed different solutions through the last years to help the hoteliers to achieve their increasingly growing analytical needs. Some leading hotel and hospitality technology vendors have developed interesting reporting tools taking advantage of their native access to the data of the Hotel Management Systems, how ever, those reports and analytical tools present some inconveniences such as; very a few predefined valuable dashboards, a self service oriented product philosophy that makes the solution inaccessible to non technical users lengthening the implementation periods, reports and dashboards are often created based on predefined templates narrowing the access to the data and in addition, most reporting and analytical solutions developed by the hotel technology vendors are not ready to use solutions once purchased and installed, as it takes a long time to customize the solution, build the reports and develop the dashboards before the hotelier is ready to take full advantage of the tool.

However, the most important disadvantage that these reports and analytical tools bring to the hotel companies is that these solutions have not been technologically built to be integrated with different data sources and therefore the integrations of data with other systems or crossing data between the hotel management system and other data sources (ERP systems, CRM, Web distribution channels, etc.) is a serious obstacle for hoteliers due the complex and diverse technological environment existing in the hotel industry nowadays.

Hotel Dashboard Suite

Hotel Dashboard by Mastel

Hotel Dashboard by Mastel powered by Qlik Sense, provides the hotelier an out of the box Business Intelligence solution ready to use after an extremely short implementation period (two weeks). Hotel Dashboard brings together the most requested and relevant KPIs, Dashboards, Reports, Analytical Comparisons and Visualizations and serves them to the hotelier through an easy to use BI tool enabling the end user to not only accessing to the data of the different departments of the hotel or multi-property, but to quickly drill down through the data to a level of detail never imagined before. More importantly, Hotel Dashboard connects to virtually any data source making possible, quick and inexpensive the integration with different data sources and therefore the development of new customise reporting or analytics according to the hotelier needs.

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