Oracle Food & Beverage EMEA Partner Sales Conference

In March of 2019 Mastel Hospitality joined the Simphony Cloud Partner Network making us an official resell and support partner for Simphony Cloud Point of Sales.

Being a partner comes with the opportunity to learn more about the future of Cloud POS and the Oracle Food & Beverage future road-map. To keep us up-to-date with the newest information and developments we have joined our first EMEA Partner Sales Conference which took place at the modern Oracle offices in Finsbury. During the event we had the opportunity to meat the leadership behind Oracle Food & Beverage and learn about Oracle F&B’s future plans, developments and strategies. Here are some of the highlights that await us in the next few months.

Simphony Kiosk Ordering

More and more fast food restaurants follow McDonald’s trend of Kiosk ordering, this however comes at a high cost as it requires specially designed Kiosks, screen design development and complicated integrations to allow payments and other functions. This high cost made Kiosk ordering only available to larger chains or fast food restaurants, until now. Simphony now offers an easier solution that is more cost effective and can cover simple ordering paths for small to medium sized fast food outlets. The Kiosk works by connecting a Touch Screen or KDS to a KDS Controller and developing an User Interface that can be branded and designed according to your needs, the results is a stunning display that can be encased or mounted on a counter.

Kiosk Ordering Simphony

The Kiosk Ordering service model comes with a lot of benefits that streamline operations, improve service quality and ROI. Giving your clients all the options for toppings, special offers and other up-selling point in an attractive interface with beautiful imagery has proven to boost sales and increase the average check significantly.

Simphony 18.2 –  Cloud Managed POS

A question we often get about Simphony Cloud is “what happens if the internet connection goes down?” and the answer to this question is simple, nothing. Simphony is not affected by the internet connection during operations, all details are stored locally as well in the cloud so when the connection is interrupted the local structure takes over and operations continue uninterrupted. With the release of Simphony 18.2 you can even schedule menu changes in advance and download them from the management platform to the local store so that even special promotions and price changes are not affected during Internet Outage.  Simphony Cloud sits in Oracles state of the art data centre giving you maximum performance and security management.

Simphony Cloud POS

Hardware & Software in Harmony

Oracle Food & Beverage make a very strong point of designing hardware and software for each other. The reason Micros Workstations are still used in many restaurants, bars, coffee shops and hotels more than 10 years of operation is because they are designed to withstand the harsh working environment of our industry. With the release of Simphony and the new line of Workstations this goes even step further. Hardware is designed to be robust and with flexible application in mind while the software is designed to utilise the hardware to its best ability. This gives you hardware options that consider your space, mobility and environment.

Another benefit of designing software for specific hardware is less heat and therefore a fan-less workstation. While fan’s were necessary in older workstations to cool the POS they also introduced the biggest problem, dust, dirt and debris. With no fan’s circulating air over the main board and components we ensure that all electronic components are kept free of dirt as well as grease significantly increasing the lifespan of an already very robust POS.

Simphony F&B

Oracle Food & Beverage is on the forefront of Point of Sales technology and innovation, while it took some time to adapt Micros Fidelio to the Oracle world it looks like the new management team is on the right path to give customers what they need and expect from the high end POS System that Simphony is.

If you want to know more about Simphony POS, feel free to reach out to us.