Arabella Golf and new Concept Online Booking

Arabella Golf Mallorca re-designs the Online Golf booking platform with Mastel Hospitality

Arabella Golf Mallorca commissioned Mastel Hospitality to integrate Concept Online to their online operations just over 2 years ago. After the successful operation of online Golf  and the significant increase in online Golf Bookings, the company decided to take the software to the next level by implementing their brand identity and new design in to the online booking system.

Following the pattern of the clients corporate identity, Mastel Hospitality customized the Concept Module providing a seamless integration with the companies brand identity and new portal design, and therefore adding to the UX of the online experience.

Arabella Golf Concept Online

Although Concept Online is an out of the box solution it Is extremely flexible and can be customized according to all clients needs, making it the perfect solution for all Online Golf Reservations system. The possibilities are endless.

Concept Golf by Shiji

Concept Golf by Shiji is a comprehensive product packed with all the necessary features for managing any golf operation and provides a total integrated solution for all Golf Courses and Resorts. One of the main modules of Concept Golf is Concept online and the Golf Reservation System.  This web-based product is developed to provide leisure companies with the very latest in on-line technology.

One of the main features of this module is the highly flexible online booking engine that enables users to access real time golf tee time inventories via the clients website.  The Online Golf Reservation system and membership management control are highly efficient, allowing users to book real-time services thus providing high value to any online golf business.

Features for Concept Online

  • Full control over booking access.
  • Collection of Mandatory Profile details during booking process.
  • Seamless credit card payment/confirmation for non-members.
  • Live and seamless tee sheet updates with reservation and player details.
  • Golf Membership Management.
  • Full control over Tour Operators sales.
  • Golf Revenue Management.
  • Golf offers & Promotions.
  • Book online Golf Classes with Golf Academy.
  • Online Check-in with Golf Express.

About Arabella Golf Mallorca

Arabella Golf Mallorca is a leading golf resort in the Mediterranean and the island of Mallorca, offering 4 different golf courses that will exceed any player expectation. The extraordinary greens are designed to the finest detail, making this golf course an obligation for all golfers that visit the Island.

Mastel Hospitality has been collaborating with Arabella Golf Mallorca on an ongoing basis, our technological consultancy services are aimed in improving the Resorts Work Processes, as well as putting in place new technological initiatives that allow the resort to be at the forefront of sales techniques & customer service on a international level.

For more information on the Arabella Golf Mallorca resort please visit their site.

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