We got Simphony Cloud

Mastel Hospitality has been a long term Gold Partner of Oracle Hospitality. Since 2006 when Mastel Hospitality was founded our priority was to provide Hospitality IT Services with a speciality in Oracle (then Micros-Fidelio) Products.

When the Oracle Partner Network gave Golf Partners the ability to Implement and Sell Simphony Cloud we knew this was the natural path to follow. In March of 2019 our dedicated Simphony Implementations team as well as part of our Sales Team joined a four week enablement course in Bucharest, Romania and successfully obtain both Sales and Implementation certification.

Simphony Cloud

Simphony Cloud changes the landscape of POS in both Hospitality and Retail lowering significant costs that came with an on-premise POS system. For example, servers are no longer required in each location. This not only lowers the cost of hardware for each location, it also makes maintaining servers and infrastructure virtually effortless.

Simphony enables better and easier centralisation. The ability to manage menus, items and special promotions centrally provides a consistent guest experience, better control, simplified reporting and less effort implementing new locations.

Mobile Guest Experience

Simphony Cloud elevates the guest experience with mobile ordering. This can range from table ordering service to kiosk self ordering and mobile payments. This enhances the speed of server as well as the experience of every client.

Simphony Cloud POS

Streamline Food and Beverage Operations

Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service was designed to serve and enhance the food and beverage industry. It features a multitude of functions created specifically for hospitality, including tools to ensure timely guest seating, food delivery, loyalty tracking, and much more:

  • Improve accuracy and speed of service with the conversational ordering feature. Orders can be entered into the Point of Sales in the sequence that they are given, greatly simplifying the ordering process.
  • Increase order entry speed with the automatic combo recognition feature. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service automatically recognises combo meals based on items ordered, calculating special pricing to ensure discounts are never missed, and improving order entry time.
  • Ensure your future orders will always be on time. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service automatically sends online and call-ahead orders to the kitchen based on when they are needed.
  • Manage reservations and wait-lists easily with the table management feature.
  • Ensure accurate food delivery with the seat management feature. With this functionality, any staff member is able to deliver food to a specific seat, and each guest can receive a separate check.
  • Easily manage multiple courses. Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service can automatically trigger a fixed-price menu based on the seat and items ordered, eliminating the need for multiple menu creation.
  • Maximise efficiency and quality with kitchen management functionality.

Our Goal

As in all its divisions, Mastel Hospitality strive to provide you excellency in service by providing you with the solutions you need to successfully manage your business and drive sales.

Mastel Hospitality is helping you make more for your hotels.

Want to find out more about Simphony Cloud? Feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.