Concept Mobile for Spa Guest & Members Management

The Concept iPad App is the perfect complement to Concept’s leading leisure industry applications.

The App mobilizes those daily business requirements for the operation meaning more flexibility to be connected and be where you are needed allowing you to focus on your guests or members.

General Functionality

  • View, Create, Edit / Modify Profiles.
  • Upload and Edit Profile Photos.
  • Update Profile Contact Details & Addresses.
  • View, Create Edit / Modify Profile Preferences.


  • Full Access to Appointment List & Search Filters.
  • View Appointment Details.
  • Update Appointment Status (Reserved, Confirmed and Check-In).

Guest Mode

  • Enable Guests or Members to update their own personal profile information & preferences.
Concept SPA

Activation of this option in Concept Spa & Leisure requires a license to be acquired through your Concept Software Systems provider.

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About Concept Software Systems

Concept Software Systems (CSS) worldwide growth continues by adding new clients in key territories. From the most remote areas of Europe to Asia, through North America, Africa and the Middle-East.

This enabled us to increase our presence to over 60 countries worldwide, enhancing our reputation as leading golf & leisure software systems developer and distributer.

The Concept Software is available in 15 different languages; of those include multi-byte Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese all complimented by local language support.

Our commitment to existing and potential new clients means that all of our software solutions are continually developed to add new features and functionality based on the requirements of many of the world’s leading hotels, clubs and leisure resorts.

Our constant development of our products enables every install to be customised per client so that the system works exactly to their requirements. Our 24/7 global support and training network also gives each client piece of mind.


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