Shell Guard

What is a SHELL?

Some of you may have heard the word SHELL, and you may wonder what this term means within a technological environment for hotels.

Inside the Hospitality Market, SHELL is the term that defines the software corporate configuration of a hotel group that seeks to facilitate and unify the installation of a hotel management solution (Property Management System with its different modules) in all its hotels.

Prior to any start-up of a hotel or hotel group, the hotel chains work on defining the software configuration that should be applied in the group. This “pre-installation guide” includes many aspects such as:

  • The definition of room types
  • Rates
  • Financial transaction codes
  • Configurations relating to markets
  • Origins of the business
  • Companies
  • Agencies, etc.

as well as functionalities and parameters of the application that must activate among other options.

How does SHELL help us?

Thanks to the existence of this corporate configuration, and its correct use, the hotel group is able to perform a faster and higher quality installation, ensuring that the data that subsequently leaves their hotels will have common parameters thus will allow a better corporate analysis and therefore, better strategic decision making.

Reality, however, is another. In many cases the corporate SHELL is not complete and leaves many configuration options open involuntarily. But also, the day to day of the hotels makes users modify the configurations, creating new options in hotel management systems thus distorting the way in which hotels collect their customers’ information.

These situations often create a lack of homogeneity of the data to analyze and therefore, uncertainty in the quality of it. Currently, hotel chains do not have technological solutions to help them maintain a high level of quality in the corporate configuration, thus guaranteeing the quality of the data of which we spoke previously.

SHELL GUARD or Corporate Configuration Solution largely covers this lack in the market.

What is the SHELL GUARD?

SHELL GUARD is a solution developed entirely by Mastel Hospitality that allows loading from an EXCEL, CSV or other formats, or even from the Property Management System itself, the corporate configuration of the hotel group, to later compare it with the configuration of each of the hotels in the hotel group.

shell guard

The system compares the corporate configuration with each of the hotels in the group, indicating intuitively and easily where differences, errors or discrepancies between the hotels and the desired configuration are.

In addition, the solution allows generating a series of alarms that warn the hotel chain of those hotels that are changing the corporate configuration once installed. These alarms include the changes made, date, time and even the user that has made the change anywhere in the world.

shell guard

Starting from this point, the control and maintenance of the quality and integrity of the corporate configuration is simple and requires minimal effort on behalf of the hotel group and the hotel team.

The evolution of the hotel chains within the DIGITAL world requires a high level of integrity and quality of the managed data. SHELL GUARD is one of the main pillars to achieve this goal and Mastel Hospitality puts at your disposal this hotel software solution.

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